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Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services

Here at the Hairy Fairy Shop, our motto is “beauty products for mind, body, and spirit”, so it is important for us to offer spiritual services for our customers. Weather it’s a card reading, angel prayer, or ritual for health, luck, money, love, etc. we can schedule an appointment to assist you for your needs.

  • Available Services

    All services are scheduled by email and conducted over the phone or video chat. Prices vary depending on type. A free consultation is included with every service.

  • Card Readings

    4 Card Reflection Spread (Approximately 10-15min)

    13 Card Universal Spread (Approximate 20-30mins)

  • Angel Prayers

    Specialized prayers/meditations, chants, affirmations, etc for specific needs, situations, problems, desires, questions, etc,

    Prayer is tailored for every individual and takes appx 24-48 hrs to prepare and delivered.

  • Rituals

    Rituals are tailored to every individual, taking careful consideration in one’s faith, culture, and personal comfortability level. Rituals can be for cleansing, protection, luck, money, love, peace, desires, success, etc. and may include the use of herbs, oils, candles, crystals, incense etc. Rituals appx 24-48 hrs to prepare and deliver,

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