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Latest DIY Hair Trend: Pasta Water

We all have heard of saving the salty, starchy, water after boiling our favorite pasta to use to thicken and flavor sauces. This is most commonly used in Italian and Mediterranean dishes. But now there's been a new use for this left over H20, and it's trending all over.

The latest DIY hair trend is you guessed it, Pasta Water!

Why Pasta Water?

The main benefits of pasta water for your hair, are the same as it's benifits in adding it to pasta sauce; sea salt and starch.

But how does this work in our hair?

Pasta water has an extremely high content of starch, which is commonly used in hair products to add thickness to hair, much as it provides thickness to sauces. In addition to the amazing thickening properties, starch also provides luster, shine, and coats the hair shaft with proteins that help strengthen hair strands. The sea salt that is usually in pasta water has some added benefits too. The sea salt has gentle cleansing properties that can assist in the hair absorbing the starch in the water.

How to Use Pasta Water

Simply save your pasta water, and set aside to cool. Use your favorite shampoo and wash hair as usual, then rinse using the pasta water. (If hair still is soapy, finish rinsing with water.) Tip: Use a cup or bowl to dip in pot to easily scoop out the pasta water on the hair.

After rinsing, condition as usual.

Pasta Water Conditioning Treatment

This is my own pasta water recipe that is a great way to use this DIY treatment.

You will need:

1/4 cup Pasta water

1/2 cup conditioner

2 tbsp potato flakes

Mixing bowl and wisk

Start with your conditioner in a mixing bowl and begin to add your potato flakes to conditioner while whisking. The potato flakes will add some more starches to your treatment as well as thicken. Then slowly add your pasta water while stirring. When done mixing for about 1-3 minutes it should be ready. Use in place of regular conditioner for extra volume and shine. TIP: Will last in refrigerator for about 3 day. Best if used same day.

Try this new trend and tell us what you think, is it a Go or a No?

If you enjoyed this blog and want more like this one leave a comment with any suggestions.

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