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Organic. Vegan. Holistic.

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Natural Herbs

Voted BEST NEW HAIR CARE for 2022

Organic Luxury Hair Care Products at an Affordable price!

The Hairy Fairy Shop is where the magic  begins,  offering you a large variety of quality products that are for the body, mind, and spirit. 

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Our Favorites and Best Sellers

These items are our top picks, go to the top right hand corner of the page, click the tool bar and check out all of our selections. Scroll to the bottom of this page for tips and more!


Potion #19 Rupunzel Xtra Long Hair Grow Oyle

Organic Botanical Oil for MASSIVE HAIR GROWTH. Made with over 12 Natural  herbs, botanicals and essential oils that promotes hair growth and healthy thick hair. Elimates dry scalp from Eczema and Psoriasis. Antioxidants stimulates hair follicles, and essential oils helps reduce stress and anxiety, one of the main causes of hair loss.


Potion #19c Rupunzel Xtra Long Hair Mist

Organic Scalp and Hair Mist for MASSIVE HAIR GROWTH. Eliminates dry scalp due to Eczema and Psoriasis. Antioxidants Stimulate hair follicles, seals and protects hair. Vegan, Holistic, made with herbal essential oils that help reduce stress and anxiety, one of the main causes of hair loss.


Potion #3 Mango Moisture Coconut Custard

Fluffy, Creamy hair custard for MAXIMUM MOISTURE. Packed with vitamins and nutrients to nourish dry brittle hair and scalp. Perfect for natural styles, keeps hair moist and hydrated. Non-greasy and aromatic formula with essential oils that naturally improves mood and feel vibrant.

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Useful Beauty Advice

How to Go Au Naturale

Going organic is one of the easiest steps in choosing a more natural and holistic lifestyle. Organic beauty products are usually packed with natural herbs, essential oils and minerals that promote the healthiest skin and hair. Here are some tips on your journey:
1. Learn your hair and skin type and what natural products work well for your type.
2. Be open minded in trying new organic products to see what works best for you.
3. Give your hair and skin time to get use to a new organic product to see the full results.
4. Do your research ahd learn more about natural and organic products that are good for hair and skin.
5. Read the ingredients in products. Look for what’s listed in the first five ingredients. That’s what the product is mostly made of.

Travel Bottles

Best Beauty Products for FALL!🍂

It’s Autumn and as the weather changes,  we can FALL🍁 into some new beauty regimens that will enrich our minds, body and spirit. Here’s some of our products that are perfect for the cool autumn months.
Potion #19 Rupunzel Xtra Long Hair Grow OyleReplenish your scalp and hair that may have been stripped by the summer months with this all natural organic oil. It’s great for daily use, or as a weekly hot oil treatment. It’s also one of our best sellers!Potion #3 Mango Moisture Coconut CustardPrepare your lovely locks for the colder weather by sealing in moisture with this nutrient packed custard made with all natural butters and oils that will keep your hair delicious and strong. Perfect for waves, curls, beards, braids, cornrows and blow dries.

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